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Back to the daily grind...

Having completed my degree and returned to the world of employment, it dawned on me that my little website I had started to 'distract' myself from my dissertation had not once been used or posted to...

This was a faux pas on my behalf and will be corrected in kind, it is my goal to use this website to inform, educate and in turn learn from the vast community of highly skilled members of the tech industry and it is my hope that this website will be of use as a learning resource.

Starting today the aims for the website are clear; we wish to publish:-

  • a bi-weekly long article on a singular topic or product
  • a weekly conflab of the weeks tech events
  • sporadic tech news postings
  • provide short courses on a given language or API, starting with everyone's favourite C#!

The game is afoot!


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Gogo more

July 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMore

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