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The first of many...

Hello reader,

Welcome to my website, hopefully you haven't accidentally stumbled onto this website - but if you have welcome anyway.

This is a website devoted to the study of software engineering (primarily in real time systems) and the discuss of the languages, tools and daily tropes of life as a 'coder'.

I intend to keep the website upto date with the latest articles spanning the tech realms (of which their are many) as well as general 'soft' articles that hopefully will bring a smirk to your face.

You may have noticed the code repository section, it is my goal to put up for download some of the application prototypes I have churned out aswell as any useful class/utility libraries that may have crossed my path. But please note all code and content of this website is covered by the creative commons agreement (click the big CC image in the website footer for a more legal explanation) so if you do use any of my code please credit me accordingly. But don't let that deter you I allow all of my code to be hijacked, changed and I even allow it to be used for commercial purposes.

Isn't that nice of me...(if you want to throw employment opportunities my way please feel free to do so)

Please Enjoy the website

~Lewis Bowman